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Flying Tips

Travel Advice for anyone contemplating leaving
home for their two weeks in the sun. 

Four Useful Tips for your Holiday Trip

1. - Make copies of your birth certificate, passport, and drivers license and take on the trip with you, but don't keep them in the same place as the originals. If you lose the originals, the copies can help.
2. - Don't use the locks that came in your suitcases, a fingernail file can open them. Buy your own small padlocks and use them instead.
3. - If you normally get an upset stomach while travelling, carry pieces of ginger with you in a plastic baggy. Chew on them and your stomach will soon be better.
4. - Separate your IDs. Only keep one ID with you. That way, if you become the victim of a pickpocket, you'll still have your other IDs to help you out. -- WIBI2

Don't get lost - SatNavs are pretty indispensible these days but to be sure you are heading in the right direction - always keep a Compass in your motor car, especially when travelling abroad. – Hugh Sutherland Oxford England

Warning to women visiting Greece. Some areas have a Rape problem; I survived an attempted rape, however two of my friends were not so lucky.

When out late at night stay in a groups, preferably four or more. Being sober and with your boyfriend or husband is not enough to guarantee safety, My friend and her boyfriend were attacked by a group of four young Greek men, they beat my friend's boyfriend unconscious and gang raped her, neither were drinking at the time. If one of your group is a bit tipsy, make sure that she gets back safely. 

If you are unlucky enough to be a victim you should report the attack to your embassy or consulate as soon as possible.

The local police are often reluctant to prosecute the offenders preferring to blame the victim for what they claim is consensual sex while drunk. Almost all of the offenders get away with it. -- Fiona from Sunderland

Neat site. Here is a site for your Heath and/or Travel Links --  The device is for eliminating the odor from gas, farts or flatulence. It really works, I have one. The device is used for people who care about the odor of their gas. I used it for travelling with my family, we were confined in the car and hotel rooms. I was not embarrassed by my gas odor. The device is used for health reasons also, view their success stories. Just thought you might like to link to them. I love your site. Frank  ~~ Frank Morosky   

Non resident Indians (NRIs) Beware! Be Careful at the airport Please take note of this - it could very well happen to you. My suggestion is that you take a photocopy of the visa and keep it in safe place.

Source: "The Hindu" 20.06.03" This is a well-organised conspiracy by members of Indian Immigration, Police, Customs and Air India staff with networking at all the Indian International Airports. Be watchful when ever you give your passport to Immigration/Customs/Air India staff. The passport can be easily tampered with and can create trouble to on........


If you buy a package holiday don't be bullied into  buying from the agent -  odds are you'll be paying nearly double the price  you could pay online.  You are'nt legally obliged to buy from them - stuff  like having to sign  disclaimers so they are'nt responsible for your  misfortune are just  pressure tactics. Nick Garner SureUK  

Another tip.  Things like 'kids travel free' are now just about a