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To Vaccinate or not...

Diseases such as Whooping Cough are on the comeback and many experts blame this on the reluctance of some parents to allow their children to be vaccinated.

There are several people arguing aginst routinely vaccinating yourself and your children, some of their arguments are quite persuasive.

Vaccines. Hi folks, Noticed a link to an article 'Vaccines - Is there a downside?

I don't think this is very balanced article. I recently read an article in Wired, a publication I have a lot of respect for regarding this.

Not the Wired article which seems to have disappeared, but a similar rebuttal of the dangerous Meme that put about the dangerous idea that vaccines are useless and/or dangerous. -ED

It may appear biased and pro-vaccine but I think it offers a good viewpoint/counterpoint on the vaccine argument. I would urge you to read it. Having this article which is clearly anti-vaccine linked in such a prominent position without a counter argument may influence people to do what I feel is the wrong thing to do and not vaccine their kids.

Otherwise I enjoy your site and visit it regularly. Sorry for not messaging you every time I visit the site and get a nugget of gold. -- Cheers, Emmet M


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